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Honda Cars

Honda cars has been one of the most predominant automobile companies in India. With its ever-increasing manufacturing of automobiles; the customers have also been increasing across the nation. With this, Honda also needed to expand its brand in the northern demographics of India.


  • Create brand awareness
  • Generate more leads
  • Attract potential customers in the region
  • Improve ROI
  • Increase overall sales


  • Less Engagement with customers.
  • Lower frequency of ads
  • Completed but unverified leads
  • Verified leads that did not take test drives
  • Test drives taken but no purchase


A full funnel strategy was adopted by the team to boost up Honda Cars’ awareness and discovery in North India. Customized ads were run to retarget the audience and potential customers. With location targeting, we reached certain regions in North India. A storytelling strategy was used to arrange the ad sequence. The campaign started with a teaser of video ad to raise awareness about upcoming Honda Car. Appealing pictures and videos were run throughout the campaign that highlight the key features of a Honda car. The campaign was also extended beyond Facebook, reaching out to more people that were willing to make a purchase.


  • 4x Return on ad spend
  • 2x Increase in sales from Facebook
  • Leads generated: 5 lakhs+
  • 5 crore + impressions

Honda Cars