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WSL Automobiles is the first ever Jeep dealership in Chandigarh and neighboring region of Punjab. For being the only Jeep dealership, WSL Automobiles has to ensure that the customers are happy with their service. Also, establishing a complete presence for Jeep vehicles in the automobile market is one of their important goals.


  • Create brand awareness
  • Generate more leads
  • Attract potential customers in Chandigarh and nearby region.
  • Maintain reputation being the only Jeep dealership
  • Increase in overall sales
  • Create an online presence


  • Less conversions of leads
  • No online presence such as website
  • Lower audience engagement on social media
  • Completed but unverified leads
  • Verified leads that did not take test drives


For WSL Automobiles, the team had to rise above from the scratch. The task was to come up with an assuring strategy that would change the numbers of WSL Automobiles. We checked their social media pages and the interactions as well as engagements. We started engaging with the audience on their social media. Along with, we ran ads creating awareness about various Jeep vehicles. Simultaneously, a WSL Automobiles website was designed and put up on the web. Retargeting ads were run to target the potential customers who had already visited either the website or social media page.


  • 6,000+ leads
  • 1 crore+ impressions
  • Ad spend: 15 lakhs