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Okshan is a B2B marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of pre-owned cars between the dealers and brokers. Mr. Ranjeev Dahuja has an in-depth knowledge about the automobile industry and financial market and he put his efforts while forming Okshan. As the pre-owned cars market is gradually growing amid India, it has been important for Okshan to make their place certain amid the competitors.


  • Create awareness among pre-owned car dealers and brokers
  • Increase the number of associates of Okshan
  • Attract more dealers and brokers to the associate program


  • Less online presence
  • Lesser people with knowledge about working of B2B
  • Unorganized used cars market in India


For Okshan, the team had to keep the focus on first growing the audience by creating awareness on various social media platforms. This was done with the help of creative posts that spoke for Okshan and what it offers. Since it is a new venture emerging in the pre-owned cars market, the primary goal is to spread the word about Okshan among used cars dealers and brokers who can be potential associates with Okshan.


  • Social Media growth
  • Established online presence